A Fiery Cloud

Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels

From all the secrets of the past 
A shadow looms beyond the hill 
And mighty winds that bring at last 
The power of the fiery will 

To blur the line of what’s forbidden 
And strength anew thoroughly found 
And move beyond of what’s been hidden 
Reveal the soul unjustly bound 

Rejoice in truth, glory and light 
Freedom fought and freedom bought 
To look inside and have the sight
To recognize what was sought 

And so the fiery cloud is born 
From the pits of a tortured mind 
That in a last attempt forlorn 
Their thoughts and emotions aligned 

Power of love beyond fear 
Power of will beyond the pain 
My own power finally clear 
My darkness is finally slain 

2021 – Carlos J. López